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She called to the dogs sprawled under the hemlocks at the edge of the pasture. At her call, the dogs bounded up the trail and disappeared into the forest bordering the high mountain meadow. Entering the grove of tall pines along the rushing creek was like entering a cathedral.

The trail was more rigorous as it began its ascent up the mountain. She followed the creek banks, noticing a hint of vermilion hues on the wild blackberry bushes. Soon they'd be dropping their leaves in preparation for the winter hiatus when roots rested and stored their energy for the spring blossoms that would become the tangy fruit. They'd spent many hours scaling the rocks and gathering the precious berries for jelly and cobblers.

The rushing creek slowed as she and the dogs approached the trail's summit. The headwater, fed by an underground spring, pooled in the small clearing near the base of the rock cliff that was the mountain's peak. Embraced by a ring of mountain laurel and wild azalea, it begged a seat be taken on one of its rock pews. She lowered herself onto a flat circle of slate that angled into the water and pulled off her shoes. The crystal tarn was icy cold, lapping at her toes as it swirled around before embarking on the long cascade to the flatland.

The dogs drank deeply from the water and then stretched out, one on each side of her. They, too, sensed the wonder of this place, she thought, and wondered if they could smell the permeating essence that had been committed to it not so long ago. The dogs were Jer's best friends, and it was here that his remains were returned back to Earth, as he wanted.

She spoke softly, voice trembling. “Me and the dogs thought we'd come sit with you a while. I've had a lot on my mind lately so figured it was time to come up to the farm and spend a little time remembering the things you taught me. I still struggle with my priority settings. But, you know that too, don't you?” She could almost hear his gentle laughter rustling in the pines above her.

 “They're mowing hay today. I see you yet in my mind's eye, off on the high knoll mowing the Purple Tops; sailing your tractor on a lavender sea, content in your solitude with your God all around you. It's not easy for me to understand that where you are now could be better than that.” 

  She laid back on the rock and searched the azure sky encasing the forest.  As the sun warmed her cheeks, she absorbed again the sense of unity between all living things. The dogs, the forest, the water, the sun, the quiet laughter rustling in the pine needles.

  “Thanks, Jer, for bringing me to a place that could help you teach me of life, and for sharing yours with mine. Thank you for teaching me to travel a road because it's there in front of me with all its mysterious twists and turns.

 “Spose I’d better get the dogs back down to the house now. By the look of the fields, it'll be a big crop of hay. But you know that, too, don't you? If I listen real hard I can hear your tractor running up there on the knoll. Up there in the Purple Tops.”

Jerry A. Haley 2/12/43 - 8/13/99

Excerpt from "Rainy Day People" (edited)



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